motor-driven pull-out test stand MT-501

The motor-driven tear-out test stand MT-501 is a single-column, electrical test stand for precise and reproducible measurements of the most diverse product groups. The test capacity is subject to quality assurance in compliance with EU requirements of electromagnetic compatibility.

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Product description

The MT-501 motor-driven pull-out test stand is a single-column, electric test stand with ball screw drive and a capacity of 1000 Newton.
The MT-501 is a basic instrument for accurate and reproducible testing of flock adhesion on a wide variety of products and is largely independent of the shape, size and stiffness of the product. In the pull-out test, the adhesion of the flock in the adhesive as well as the adhesion of the adhesive to the substrate is tested. In addition, the test of the adhesion force effect from the substrate takes place.
In combination with a MECMESIN force gauge or load cell, with appropriate fixtures and accessories, the MT-501 is suitable for use as a test stand and is subject to quality assurance in compliance with EU requirements for electromagnetic compatibility.
The tear-out measuring device offers a reliable test method for quality assurance. The individual controllable speed control and the speed adjustment by rotary knob, provide an easy and comfortable working. Due to the measurements by MT-501, the accuracy and reproducibility of the used products can be implemented. By means of the connection for the AFG display unit, the data can be read out precisely. The hot glue gun HKP-01 with integrated workstation, offers a precise work when filling the glue into the molds.
The basic equipment of the MT-501 includes the following items:

Scope of delivery/ basic equipment:

  • Pull-out test stand: single-column design with specimen quick-clamping device and adjustable base plate
  • Digital measuring device for precise measurement of the tensile force: with adapter to the clamping device
  • Hot glue gun for filling the pouring moulds, with LCD display, thermostat and needle nozzle, with storage stand, pressure regulator and manometer
  • Clamping device for specimen preparation for two specimens
  • 10 pcs. casting moulds with a diameter of 10 mm for sample production
  • 1 kg hot melt adhesive as basic equipment

The plates are used to fix the moulds to the clamping device and are available in five standard and custom sizes. The standard diameters are: 5 mm / 6 mm / 7 mm / 8 mm / 10 mm. Further individual sizes can be purchased from Maag Flock on request.
The casting moulds are also available in the standard sizes: 5 mm / 6 mm / 7 mm / 8 mm and 10 mm, here you can also request further individualisation options. The casting moulds are used to fill the hot-melt adhesive on the rubber tray.
For a secure fixation and protection of the moulds, the cellular rubber tray of the pull-out test stand is used.
The clamping device with two integrated quick clamps is used to clamp the specimen by means of the eccentric clamp. The height is individually adjustable.

If a test stand is available, it is possible to adapt the clamping device by means of an adaptor plate, whereby the clamping device is individually adapted to the test instrument.

Technical data:
Power supply (V): 110, 50 Hz (US) and 230 V, 60 Hz (EU)
Power consumption: 60 Watt

Dimensions (mm):
Width: 320 mm
Height: 950 mm
Depth: 420 mm
Crosshead stroke: 290 mm
Max. clear height: 440 mm
Max. Travel 330 mm

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Additional information

Weight 41 kg
Dimensions 42 × 32 × 95 cm

motor-driven pull-out test stand MT-501


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