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Flocking machines & flocking process

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Maag Flock has been involved in this science for more than 40 years and has constructed testing equipment for quality assurance in its in-house technical centre. The demanding test standards were developed together with the automotive industry and innovatively designed and adapted to other areas. Durability and technological progress are the focus for Maag Flock. The test equipment covers all important flock parameters, from abrasion testing to high-voltage measurement. You have the option of internal high-quality and standardised quality control.

With the flocking workstation, you receive a versatile selection of devices for ergonomic, quality-assured and efficient work in the flocking process. From the flocking table, to the flocking cabin, to the extraction unit and cleaning device, you can individually build on your flocking process and improve the process constructively and productively.

The hand flocking units at Maag Flock offer you a choice from beginner to professional models, from single part to small batch production and from electrostatic to pneumatic flocking. Maag Flock offers you a wide range of flocking options as well as qualitative results and innovative technology with the hand flocking units. From the Maag Flock entry-level device, the Mini Flock, to three-dimensional electrostatic-pneumatic flocking with the EPF 2000, you get a wide selection for flocking.


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