Corner flocking

Corner flocking

The corner post-flocking is excellently suited for the subsequent offline flocking of welded profiles in the automotive sector. With the automated system for corner post-flocking, quantities of over 100,000 units can be flocked fully automatically each year. The process is subdivided into individual work steps and work stations in order to realize a targeted and structured flocking.

Corner flocking
One option of corner post-flocking is to carry out the individual process steps in a clocked manner, using a rotary table.

Whereby the drying step is repeatedly carried out at several stations in order to achieve the total drying time.

The system also offers the option of automatic bonded coating application.

Process of corner post-flocking:

1. placement

2. product detection

3. automatic program selection

4. pretreatment

5. adhesive application

6. flocking

7. drying

8. cleaning

9. withdrawal

Corner flocking

The automated turntable enables fast loading and unloading of the system with the aid of trays. All safety precautions for a smooth running of the plant and personal protection, according to VDE guidelines, are observed.

Corner flocking

The pre-treatment is carried out with the help of robots, with the option of plasmas,

primers or other methods can be selected. 

The adhesive is applied automatically,

to achieve an even layer thickness. 

Due to the timed transition to the

robot-controlled flocking, this is ideally matched to the surface of the product.

Corner flocking

Drying takes place through various drying stations in different work steps,where the total drying time is based on the splitting of individual steps.


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