Tip flocking / SWAP flocking / Test sticks

Tip flocking / SWAP flocking / Test sticks

From the single flocking up to the fully automatic line, the flocking machine realizes an ideal flocking of tips, which are used in the cosmetics industry up to the medical and dental industry. 

In the cosmetics industry, cosmetic tips are still indispensable, they are used for the application of lipstick to the application of eye shadow or other cosmetics by means of professional Schmiktip. 

The fully automatic line enables a fast and efficient tip flocking, with the automatic removal of the parts from the injection molding machine, via the adhesive application by handling as well as the flocking process with subsequent cleaning and drying. In addition, the packaging process is integrated after the completed flocking process and enables a smooth and efficient production of the tips.


1. Withdrawal from material storage

2. Pre-treatment

3. Adhesive application by means of a robot

4. Flocking

5. Drying

6. Cleaning

7. Extraction

Flocked test sticks

Corona sticks in particular are produced by tip flocking and are used for reliable diagnostics in a corona test. 

Due to the fast and large series production, large quantities of tips or applicators can be produced.

Flocked dental applicator

The dental applicators are used for the application of liquids in the oral cavity and on dental prosthesis materials. Based on the different sizes, they can be used individually to improve and facilitate precise processing of the treatment procedures.

Prefabricated beams

Large-scale production can also be efficiently realised due to the prefabricated carriers, allowing different sizes and shapes of tips based on individually designed moulds.

Tip flocking / SWAP flocking / Test sticks

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