Painting rollers flocking

Painter roller flocking

The rotationally symmetrical flocking unit enables ideal flocking of paint rollers. The flocking gives the product an enlarged surface and improved haptics. The flocking of paint rollers gives the rollers an ideal surface for a frictionless and streakless paint application during painting work.

The flocking plant is subject to a fully automated process and enables an efficient and powerful as well as quality-assured process. Furthermore, the conveying speed is individually adjustable and allows an increase of the transport speed by an additional rapid traverse.

Process of painting rollers flocking

1. Withdrawal from material hopper

2. Pre-treatment

3. Adhesive application by means of a robot

4. Flocking

5. Drying

6. Cleaning

7. Extraction

Conveyor chain

Painter roller flocking

A conveyor chain of the fully automated and innovative plant, serves the precise and efficient workflow.

Starting with the removal from the material store up to the flocking and removal after the final cleaning, the automation based on the technical process design by means of handling robots offers a comfortable production for the painting rollers.

Flock Adhesive application

Painter roller flocking

The adhesive is applied in the adhesive application unit by means of automatic spraying machines, which track the movement of the paint rollers with the aid of special sensors in order to achieve an ideal adhesive result. The oscillation of the automatic spraying machines is automated by means of auxiliary frames.


Painter roller flocking

The painter roller flocking is robot-controlled, whereby an ideal flock pattern and a quality-assured result is achieved. In order to facilitate a color change of the flock, an additional flocking unit can be integrated to avoid a necessary changeover and to ensure an efficient flocking with time savings.

Painting rollers

Painter roller flocking

The paint rollers can be flocked in different colours and designs according to customer requirements, whereby no limits are set to the design framework. The flock length and thus the enlargement of the surface of the paint roller can also be adapted and determined on the basis of the previous selection.


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