Spring flocking

Spring flocking

With the spring flocking machine, springs can be ideally flocked and the properties of the flock can be ideally used functionally.

The flocked surface leads to an immense noise reduction and minimizes the frictional resistance on the sides of the spring. In addition, the gap tolerance is improved due to the new surface finish.

Especially in the automotive industry, spring flocking is a convenient and improvable application of the products, such as the tailgate as well as the chassis and other places of use.

The flocking plant for spring flocking is subject to a fully automated process and enables an efficient and powerful as well as quality-assured process. The spring passes through the flocking process automatically by means of a product carrier at a height of approx. 2.20 m.



1.  Withdrawal from material storage

2. Pre-treatment

3. Adhesive application by means of a robot

4. Flocking

5. Drying

6. Cleaning

7. Extraction

With the flocking system for spring flocking, the fully automated process already starts with the continuous transport of the springs. Subsequently, the adhesive is applied by a robot and the flocking with integrated pre-cleaning takes place fully automatically.

The flock passes through the flock circuit, which consists of a flock storage container and flock separation and enables recycling of the flock. By means of the automated signal support, the low filling level of the flock is displayed and signals a necessary refilling.

Spring flocking
Spring flocking

Flock Adhesive application

Spring flocking

The adhesive application is fully automated by robots to ensure quality-assured production and production speed.

Workpiece holder

Spring flocking

The workpiece holders are used to fix the springs and for a smooth process flow of the flocking, whereby the springs pass through the flocking process from removal to completion by means of a conveyor chain.