Maag Flock Service

With Maag Flock you get an all-round service for your flocking machines.

As a manufacturer for your flocking machines, a good service as well as customer-specific training is especially important to us in order to enable an ideal working of your flocking.

Telephone hotline

We are here for you! You can reach our telephone hotline directly at +4974739 554500.

You can also reach us via our contact form at: Contact | Maag Flock GmbH

Or by e-mail:

technician deployment on site

Do you have a problem or does your device show an error message? We are happy to help you with a technician on site, even at short notice, to enable you to resume production as quickly as possible. 

Testing & Validation

Maag Flock offers an inspection service for all flocking systems and flocking units. You send your device to us - we carry out the necessary technical work and then return the device to you.


Regular maintenance is indispensable for a long service life and functionality of your system and the flocking devices. We offer maintenance contracts for complete flocking systems and individual devices in order to achieve a prophylactic and best possible inspection and repair of your devices.

Remote plant monitoring

For the programmable logic controllers installed by Maag Flock, we offer the use of a remote monitoring module to support you even at any distance.

Training & Education

Maag Flock offers you flocking and process engineering training, including intensive material science, on your premises as well as in our in-house technical centre.


We are also happy to help you with all other flocking machines and provide you with the best possible support in terms of operation, repair and advice.


Contact us to discuss your project today!