Profile flocking

We are your supplier for profile flocking systems, whether standardized or customized, Maag Flock realizes your special requirements. From pre-cooling to pre-treatment, from adhesive application to the flocking machine with cleaning process, you get everything from a single source.

On request, you will receive a dryer with cleaning, cooling and final cleaning for an ideal conception of the production as well as the caterpillar hoist for a constant profile speed. The heart of the plant consists of two brush dosing units with which speeds of up to 30m/min can be realised. Depending on the starting material, different plant concepts are used and decide on the flocking technology. The profile flocking can be carried out electrostatically as well as electrostatically-pneumatically.
Profile flocking

For electrostatically shielded areas, electro-pneumatic flocking is used so that recesses and undercuts can also be ideally flocked, depending on the product geometry. 

The spectrum of possible applications of profile flocking is very large, whether building materials, rubber profiles, aluminium profiles or profiles for the automotive industry, the flocking of profiles can be used in many different ways in other specified areas. 

The system offers you an all-round concept for targeted profile flocking and quality assurance, produced for you in Germany.

Profile flocking process:

1. pre-cooling

2. pretreatment

3. bead take off

4. adhesive application

5. flocking

6. pre-cleaning

7. drying

8. pre-cleaning

9. cooling

10. final cleaning

11. caterpillar take off

Profile flocking
The profile flocking machine can be ordered in four standard variants, which differ in the possible production speeds and the costs of the machine. On the basis of different series of the profile flocking machines, different models can be selected from the fully automatic program selection to the manual program selection.

The fully automatic program selection allows the setting and monitoring of height, dispensing speed, high voltage, distance to the workpiece, temperature and humidity of the process. The selection of these parameters is selectively managed and controlled via a control panel.
Profile flocking
The unique design of the profile flocking plant as well as the compliance with the strictest Artex standards enables the plant to be awarded the flocking standard 50223. In accordance with the standard, Maag Flock supplies you with profile flocking in compliance with quality assurance and occupational health and safety measures. The flock storage container enables central filling of the plant, whereby the three units are supplied with tempered flock via a flock collection container.

Due to the integrated vibrating sieve an automatic flock sieve of bad flock as well as the flock recirculation for dosing takes place. With the climate cabin, the quality assurance of the temperature and humidity takes place in order to guarantee an ideal flocking and to store the flock stock optimally.

Depending on the profile geometry, several adhesive application modules are used, which are set up according to the profile geometry. Adhesive application is carried out with the aid of automatic micro-spraying machines or with brushes that are supplied with adhesive by pressure vessels or hose pumps. Furthermore, methods such as sliding blocks are used and individual customer requirements are constructed.

Profile flocking
Profile flocking
Profile flocking
Profile flocking

In this system, drying takes place via hot air in combination with an infrared heating section at the dryer inlet, whereby rapid heating of the profile surface and subsequent adhesive drying take place evenly. In addition, the drying can be adapted to the customer's specific requirements, e.g. via water drying or vacuum drying.

Areas of application for profile flocking

Flocked building materials

Building materials such as polystyrene develop a better technical quality as well as an optical upgrading of the raw material through flocking.

Profile flocking

Profile flocking of rubber in the automotive industry, for optimum sliding properties without friction noise and to achieve an optimum seal. Rubber profiles can be flocked at up to 30 m/min, whereby undercuts are flocked electrostatically-pneumatically with the Pf-PL.

Flocked building materials

The flocking of building materials such as wood can be ideally realized with the profile flocking machine. During flocking, properties such as sliding properties, noise protection or thermal insulation are promoted.


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