Rotationally symmetrical part flocking

The rotational symmetric flocking offers an ideal flocking for all cylindrical products. Flocking increases the surface area and improves the feel of the product. Especially products like porcelain such as cups and other products gain an increased comfortable posture and a pleasant feeling during use. Painting rollers are also flocked rotationally symmetrically and receive an ideal surface due to their flocking, for a smooth and streakless paint application during painting work.

The flocking plant is subject to a fully automated process and enables an efficient and powerful as well as quality-assured process. Furthermore, the conveying speed is individually adjustable and allows an increase of the transport speed by an additional rapid traverse.



1. Withdrawal from material storage

2. Pre-treatment

3. Adhesive application by means of a robot

4. Flocking

5. Drying

6. Cleaning

7. Extraction

Conveyor chain

With the conveyor chain an optimal continuous transport of the products is achieved. Depending on the shape and size of the products, they are individually placed on holders or stalks in order to pass through the flocking process in a qualified manner.

Adhesive application

In the gluing unit, the products are glued by means of automatic spraying machines which, thanks to mobile and flexible auxiliary frames, automatically swing through the unit with the products and glue them ideally.

Flock storage container

The flock storage container enables a comfortable application with new and old flock, by means of the signal-controlled message about the filling level of the flock. During cleaning, the flock circulates in the circuit and is subsequently recycled.


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