Application examples


In the automotive industry, the process of flocking is used on a wide variety of parts in and on cars. The flocking of springs or rubber profiles and seals on the window or in the door serve to improve the sliding properties to the glass, the sealing and the noise insulation. When flocking the glove compartment and the centre console, the flocked surface serves to provide a high-quality visual finish, to improve the feel and to reduce the noise of rattling coins, for example. In the interior it is possible to flock the side panels, the headliner, other storage areas and compartments as well as floor mats. You can choose between different flock fibre lengths and colours and design an individual interior accordingly.

Building materials

Within the scope of the production and use of building materials, a flocked surface has various effects. In the case of sliding doors, the flocking of the guide rails serves to dampen noise, seal, insulate and slide the door.

Building materials such as polystyrene develop a better technical quality as well as an optical upgrading of the raw material through flocking.

When flocking floor surfaces, an anti-slip effect is created.

In the context of the pouring of the concrete slab in a new building, a flocked surface serves as a primer for the benton. This can firmly anchor itself within the cavities of the fibers.

In the field of window and door construction, the flock fibre can be used to prevent condensation.

Painting rollers

Thanks to the flocking, the surface of the product is enlarged and an improvement in the feel is achieved. The painting rollers thus obtain an ideal surface, for a frictionless and streakless paint application, as the individual flock fibres can penetrate well into the pores of the object to be painted.

Textile & Fashion

The largest and best-known area of application for flocks is the T-shirt and textile & fashion industry. There are no limits in the refinement of clothing in terms of color, thickness and length of the flock.

In addition to the classic T-shirt flocking for optical refinement and improvement of the feel, there is the possibility of flocking an entire shoe or only its heels. In addition to the optical refinement, this serves to reduce noise and minimise slippage.

Flocking sportswear offers the advantage of suppressing stray light and absorbing perspiration.

Coat hanger

The flocking of hangers serves to create an anti-slip effect so that garments adhere better to the hangers and a pleasant feel. 


Hand grips are flocked during the manufacture of tools. This serves to insulate the palms against cold and to increase the grip through improved haptics. 

When flocking squeegees, the flock provides slip on the film and also serves as scratch protection. 


In the field of dental medicine, a wide variety of flocked applicators and swabs are used for dental treatment in the context of the application of liquids in the oral cavity and on dental prosthesis materials. Due to the different sizes, these can be used individually to improve and facilitate precise processing of the treatment procedures. 

The test sticks for the various Sars-Covid-19 tests are also flocked and are used for reliable diagnostics in a Corona test, as the individual flock fibres can absorb a large number of viruses compared to other methods. 


Within the cosmetics industry, flocking is mainly used for the finishing of various packaging and flacons. 

In addition, Flock is used in the manufacture of lip gloss, lipstick and eyeshadow applicators. The fine fibers of the flock are friendly to the skin including a streakless application.  


In the manufacture of furniture and furnishings such as sofas, beds, lamps, curtains and cushions, flocking the surface provides a high-quality visual finish and an improved feel. For products such as partition walls, floor mats and carpets, flocking also provides noise insulation.


Within the scope of various packaging designs, flock offers the possibility of optical enhancement and improvement of the feel, regardless of whether paper packaging, flacons, bottles, jewellery cases or eyeshadow packaging. There are no limits to the imagination and possibilities in this area. 


In artistic works or in the context of the artistic design of pictures or statues, flock offers the possibility of creative and extraordinary optical design. Flock is also used by stage and make-up artists, who can create various effects on masks with the help of flock.


The flocking of conveyor belts, support points and other devices serves to protect the goods to be transported and achieves an anti-slip effect. 


When flocking porcelain, flock serves as heat insulation for cups or microwave dishes, for example. This ensures that the contents remain warm for longer and the outer surface does not become hot. In addition, an improvement in the feel and grip can be achieved and the flocked surface is dishwasher safe. 


Within the scope of various decorative articles for furnishing, flocking serves as an optical enhancement and refinement, e.g. for figurines or "flocked" Christmas trees. 


The flocking of a sauna heater also serves to insulate the heat and protect against burns. The flocked exterior ensures that the heat remains in the heater and is not transferred directly to the outer wall.

Toys & Model Making

In the production and manufacture of toys, such as children's books and colouring books, puzzles or building blocks, flock is used to improve the feel and visual refinement. In addition, the flocked surface of building blocks or dice cups serves to dampen noise. 


For visual and haptic refinement, greeting cards, newspaper covers, wrapping paper, postcards, labels and books can be flocked. When flocking wallpaper, the acoustics in a room can also be improved. 


For visual and haptic refinement, greeting cards, newspaper covers, wrapping paper, postcards, labels and books can be flocked. When flocking wallpaper, the acoustics in a room can also be improved. In the automotive tuning scene flock is used among other things for the refinement of certain parts in the engine compartment, the passenger compartment or on the body. The current trend is especially the flocking of dashboards. 


In the field of sound and music, the process of flocking is used among other things for speakers, boxes and microphones to improve the acoustics. Furthermore, instrument holders and cases can be flocked, this serves to protect the instrument.  

In addition, instruments themselves, especially mouthpieces of wind instruments, can be flocked. This serves the saliva absorption.

Hair styling tools

The heat insulation property of flock is also used in hair styling products. The flocked surface protects the hair from excessive heat when using straighteners, curling irons and rollers. 

Light advertising & billboards

Also advertising technicians and light sign manufacturers use flock for the optical design of billboards, advertising foiling of vehicles, and many more. 


Reusable cleaning gloves are flocked on the inside. This serves the gliding ability when putting on the glove and the sweat absorption.  

Furthermore, flocking is also used in the production of wipes. Due to the special electrostatic properties of the flock under friction, this supports the cleaning of dust or similar.