Pourability tester RPG-1000

The pourability tester RPG-1000 is used for the evaluation of trickling behaviour and dissolving power of the flock, during the processing in the flock dosing.

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Product description

The RPG-1000 flowability tester is used to measure the flowability of the flock, which allows conclusions to be drawn about the dosing behaviour in the production plant. Especially in larger plants, the flowability of the flock is an important parameter for maintaining quality assurance. The flowability test is used for process monitoring as a continuous test as well as a short-term test. The RPG-1000 is equipped with two different cylinder screens. The screens differ in the mesh size of 0.6 and 0.8 mm. The flock is filled into the cylinder sieve and weighed and visually assessed after completion of the test with a defined number of revolutions.
The flocculation capacity of the cylinder sieves is 1 litre per sieve.
The basic device is equipped with an attached turntable to which the sieve holder is attached by means of a magnetic clamp. The magnetic attachment allows easy and convenient filling of the flock to be tested, with 20 grams per sample. Furthermore, depending on the type of flock, the sieves with different mesh sizes can be easily changed.
The machine body is equipped with two integrated storage trays for the sieves. An additional simplification of the testing process is possible through the electronic fine scale with digital display, which can be purchased as an accessory.

Technical data:
Power supply (V): 110, 50 Hz (US) and 230 V, 60 Hz (EU)

Acoustic data:
Noise emission during operation: approx. 60 db (A)

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Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 33 × 43 × 30 cm

Pourability tester RPG-1000


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