Abrasion tester APG 1003

APG 1003- Abrasion tester, The abrasion test is used for quality assurance, whereby the abrasion intensity of a sample is determined. The abrasion test represents a standardized test, which results in reproducibility and a standardized procedure.

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Product description

The APG 1003 abrasion tester is used to assess the quality of the flocked products. The speed as well as the number and length of strokes are individually adjustable. In addition, the APG 1003 is suitable for testing the abrasion resistance of leather and lacquered plastic surfaces. The abrasion intensity of a sample is determined by an abrasion test. The abrasion is caused by the pressure of the test chisel and the lateral movement under the test chisel on the sample. For this purpose, the sample to be tested is fixed on the lifting carriage and the test chisel is pressed onto the sample by a defined differential weight. Maag Flock offers a wide range of test gouges, from standard test gouges to standardized and individual special test gouges. With special additional equipment, the abrasion tests can be carried out in accordance with their specification; the APG 1000 must be converted accordingly. The following tests are already integrated in the additional devices:
Sliding varnish tests:
The add-on for the sliding varnish tests is available for the APG 1003 and is fixed with the angle or flat plate.
Scratch tests according to Din-ISO-EN 105×12
The APG 1000 can be converted for scratch testing with the additional set. The required conversion is carried out by Maag Flock and can be individualised to your requirements.

Scope of delivery:
Basic device
Mounted lift carriage
Quick release
Power cable
Hexagonal cross-handle wrench


Transformer: ballast transformer 110/220 V, 750 VA, export version according to UL, multiple socket included

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Abrasion tester APG 1003


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