High voltage measuring device HMG-D

The high voltage measuring device HMG-D is used to check DC voltages in the range of 0-110kV or 160kV, positive and negative polarity. The measurement is carried out either by means of a measuring tip directly on the high-voltage electrode or by means of a high-voltage cable which can be plugged into the measuring lance instead of the measuring tip.

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Product description

The HMG-D high voltage meter measures the actual power of the cascade in kV. The measurement of DC voltages in the range of 0 - 110 kV or 160 kV positive and negative polarity, with the HMG-D offers the verification of the power at all high voltage equipment. The HMG-D is excellently suited in the field of electrostatic coating and material separation systems.

The HMG-D can be connected to the Fluke voltage instrument via a plug in order to read out the measurement data. The measuring rod with insulating sleeve is used to measure the high voltage directly at the HV electrode. The handle of the measuring lance is fully protected against the effects of electrostatic fields and the integrated protective screen protects the operator against flashovers. The HMG-D offers two variants with different measuring ranges.


Measuring output: 4 mm plug for connection to a voltmeter with 10 MOhm internal resistance. 10 V corresponds to 100 kV. 

Scope of delivery/basic equipment:

  • Measuring rod
  • Measuring line
  • Earth terminal
  • Measuring probe
  • Ground wire


Measuring cable length: 3 m

Length underground cable: 3 m


HMG 04/02: 1200 g

HMG 08/04: 2000 g


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110 kV, 160kV

High voltage measuring device HMG-D

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