Electropneumatic flocking unit EPF2000

The electro-pneumatic flocking unit is suitable zto flock 3-dimensional parts and surfaces with depressions.

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Product description

The EPF 2000 is suitable for electrostatic flocking without air supply as well as for pneumatic flocking of intricately designed moulded parts with three-dimensional geometry.
Figures, glove compartments, and much more can be flocked excellently due to the electrostatic-pneumatic technology. The analogue display shows the high voltage as well as the current and enables a stepless regulation with the electrostat from 0-80 kV. Due to the emergency stop and grounded handle with two-stage switch, the EPF 2000 is characterized by its high safety technology and is subject to the flocking standard. The EPF 2000 is particularly powerful for reliable industrial use and is characterized by its precise flocking process.


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In addition, a special form of the electrostatic-pneumatic flocking unit with recirculation is possible.
The EPF 2000 is equipped with a high voltage cable with handle. The cable offers a comfortable length to make the flocking process flexible. The ergonomically shaped handle provides easy and relaxed handling during the flocking process. The high voltage cable is available in different lengths for individual use.
The cup nozzle with ball electrode is used for controlled air guidance during electrostatic-pneumatic flocking and has a diameter of Ø 40 mm. It is interchangeable with other nozzles for different geometries.
In order to flock special and individual geometries ideally, further versions of the nozzles are available.
Ball electrode Ø 40 mm
Wire-frame electrode
Flat nozzle electrode
Flat nozzle electrode 90 ° angled
For other nozzle variations, please contact us, we will be happy to specify nozzles for you.
For purely electrostatic flocking, the EK 200-80 cable can be connected to the EPF 2000. This extends the range of action and the variability of your flocking.
The switching on and off of the flock dosing, the blower and the high voltage can be operated alternatively to the handle via the foot switch.

Technical data:
Operating voltage: 110 / 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 650 W
High voltage unit: Electrostatic 0-80 kV infinitely variable

Scope of delivery:
mobile machine frame, clad, to accommodate the components described below:
Flock storage container for approx. 10 kg of flock (depending on type of flock),
infinitely variable flock dosing with dosing screw and dosing sieve,
adjustable special blower, with connecting hose from the dosing unit to the outlet nozzle,
earthed handle with 2-step switch and flock blowing nozzle with replaceable high-voltage electrode, -cups electrode
Electrostat with high voltage continuously adjustable from 0 - 80 kV, kV and µA measuring instruments and operating and high voltage indicator lights,
Switching on and off of the flock fibre dosing, the blower and the high voltage is done at the handle and is also possible by means of a foot switch,
Electrical equipment according to the valid VDE regulations
Standard paint: RAL 7035 light grey
Other colours against surcharge



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Electropneumatic flocking unit EPF2000

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