Shoe flocking


In terms of fashion, aesthetics is written BIG today, but the functional aspect must not be forgotten. Here, especially women are addressed when it comes to the selection of new shoes. These should be visually in eye-catcher and nevertheless comfortable and convenient.

For this reason, the flocking machine for shoe flocking is designed and constantly improved to ensure a high level of high quality and comfort in the flocking of shoes. The flocking can be used individually from high heels to ballerina, dance shoes to sneakers with accentuated design.

For a spectacular presentation of your brand or design, flocking is also suitable for elaborate individual designs. Even difficult geometries such as heels and closures can be ideally flocked using electro-pneumatic flocking. Thus, in addition to the optical refinement, a noise reduction of the heels and an anti-slip effect of the shoe soles can be achieved.


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1. Withdrawal from material storage

2. pretreatment

3. Adhesive application by means of a robot

4. Flocking

5. Drying

6. cleaning

7. Extraction

Beflockungsmaschine zur Schuhbeflockung

The process of shoe flocking is fully automated. By means of rotating goods carriers, the shoe surface can be flocked evenly and with the required density for an ideal result. For this purpose, electrostatic-pneumatic flocking is used, which is particularly suitable for the flocking of molded parts.

Due to the air supply during flocking, both concave and convex objects and surfaces with undercuts can be flocked ideally and completely.

Beflockungsanlage zur Schuhbeflockung

The shoe flocking unit can be adapted individually, as required, to improve the flocking in quality and time. By means of several flocking units, the color change can be integrated seamlessly, eliminating the change and cleaning time.

Beflockungsanlage zur Schuhbeflockung

With the shoe flocking machine they gain a particularly high-quality and very aesthetic surface with an even flock distribution and density, for a very special shoe.